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Colourtrend Acrylic PaintsColourtrend Acrylic Paints

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd > are the manufacturers of Colourtrend Acrylic Paints, MineralBond Silicate Paints, Multifleck Multicolor Paint,  Liquid Granite, Kitchen coatings, Floor coating Optiglo Metallic Coatings, Metalfire metalic coating, Strongwall sealers, Flexicure 500 jointing compund, Floorscreed SLF self leveling screed, Shieldpatch, Strongwall Concrete, Acid Resistant Concrete, coloured concrete flooring, walls, Optiglo, Automotive Paints, Fillers Autopatch, Lightning, Duraglass, Autofix, over 300 specialty products.