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MineralBond Silicate Coating


MineralBond Silicate Paints -- Application Temperatures - Unique Self Cleaning ability


MineralBond Unique Qualities and special additives provides and facilitates self-Cleaning properties

Although these are subject to rainfall so Maintenance is dependent on the amount of heavy Traffic use

Application in New Zealand has been in winter around and bellow 10’0c and summer months from 22-32’0c

MineralBond Shipped to Fiji was applied at 38’0c – also MineralBond was used in Western Australia at around 38-40’0c

MineralBond Primer:-

Contains special retarding gells that allow wetting of all concrete substrates in Hot Climates and tropical conditions even application in direct Sun

Application Temperartures:-

This applies to MineralBond Primer and MineralBond top colour coats; can all be applied from 10.Oc  to 40. 0c or above with no issues

The additives incorporated into MineralBond Primer and Top colour coat allows for a considerable temperature variation on application

This assures complete wetting of the surface substrate with permanent adhesive bonding to all concrete structures even under high sun heat and temperatures

Application of MineralBond is always managed and applied by our trained and Approved licenced applicators

We always insure our approved contractors are on site in all countries -- to instruct correct Appliocation process is followed at all times

This includes all projects in New Zealand and offshore to insure correct application procedure at all times

Special Finishes (NZ) Have established a proven record for our supervision and unique application technique

We have recently completed a commercial Car Park coating application in Sydney meeting all time schedule

With complete monitored preparation of coating and application included all correct sealers intermediate coats

with final top colour coats and added a special Hard Bauxite aggregate for a hard wearing heavy trafficable system

The Photos in the Brochure are due to our use of in-house Photo use -- Please be assured that there are no discolouration or patches whatsoever on all projects even after 16 Years

Even after 16 years performance we have assured the New Zealand Auckland City Council that this coating will perform for at least 30 years

With no discolouration our only maintenance recommendations are of a possible requirement for an annual clean every 5-10 years using our special WiseChoice Organic Cleaner

MineralBond Unique Qualities and special additives, provides and facilitates Self-Cleaning properties, although these are subject to dependent rain fall to facilitate this self cleaning proses>

All Maintenance is dependent on Rainfall including the amount of heavy traffic use etc.