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3 BenchtopsProblem: You need a paint that is tough, but is not harsh on the eyes.

Solution: The new Multifleck range including standard and designer colours isrequired.

They come in a choice of stunning shades and patterns from subtle superfine to smooth medium flecks.

They're as happy in Hotel rooms and lounges, as they are in hospitals, schools, offices, airports, homes and public buildings.

They make any building, new or refurbished, look pretty amazing, on the exterior or interior.

Multifleck is beautifully practical, and suitable for high traffic areas.

Multifleck's precision application camouflages surface imperfections and irregularities, i.e. pipes, cables, etc.  Advanced technology incorporates into Multifleck the addition of P.T.F.E. (Teflon Type) for improved mar and scrubbability with extended durability for those tough areas.

Colourtrend / Multifleck offers a brilliant alternative to wallpaper or paint.  It simplifies and solves your decorating problems throughout.

Most designers are now utilising this unique trend from renovations through to complete decorating schemes in new homes, offices, shops and building complexes.

Use plain subtle textures or Colourtrend's varied range of colour combinations on walls and ceilings.  Unique versatility for designers to select colours and fleck size to suit the requirements of specific projects.

Modernise your home or comple utilising these very latest trendy designs.  Endless colour pattern combinations are available 3000 colours already produced.

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