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OptigloProblem: You need a paint that is tough, stands out, leaves an impression and cost effective.

Solution: Optiglo a sister paint to Mulitfleck.  Optiglo offers a brilliance in a totally new concept for achieving Special Effects.  it's now possible to obtain finishes from Sensational Golds, Spaceworld Colours, through to Electric Blue or Sapphire, stardust and metalfire unique designer Colours.

With hundreds of combinations of subtle or bright colours, Special Finishes is confident we will have a perfect solution for your project.

This is a totally waterbased paint which creates ease of application, making clean up a breeze with water.

Exceptional toughness, durability and abrasion resistance for heavy traffic areas on interior or exterior, walls or floors.  Optiglo can be overglazed for exterior with sophisticated UV protection.



Kitchen Tops,