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MineralBond Tropical Primer 

First coat in hot conditions we highly recommend the application of MineralBond Tropics Primer – one single coat is all that’s required

This Primer coat is applied direct form the container, with no mixing, is also supplied pigmented in all colours; same as the top coat


MineralBond Primer is a Factory Controlled Special Formulation Primer: formulated on Potassium Silicate, Lithium Silicate and amorphous silica:

this Primer is formulated to insure deep penetration and Bonding to concrete> wet – dry, green even in hot tropical conditions

This primer coat provides exceptional adhesion, it forms an integral part of the concrete structure, has a structural bond strength by pull off en 1542. ≥ 0.8 MPa. > 2 MPa.


Contains Thixotropic additives that maintain the water content at elevated temperatures; this allows application in hot or direct sun conditions

Provides exceptional bonding with penetration to concrete at elevated Temperatures

Even Temperatures below or above 30.oC  to 38.oC respectively


MineralBond Primer coat also contains wetting/dispersing agent that allow adhesion to damp or moist and even green concrete


Chemical Curing: 

Primer should be allowed to chemically cure: before application of top coats - a minimum of 16-24 hours - overnight  or longer is OK>

As MineralBond topcoat will chemically cure to the primer - so there is no recoat window – and can even be left up to 2 months before top coating at anytime


Rainy Conditions:

MineralBond Primer contains Hydrophobic pigments and additives that will water-bead within 2 hours by reacting with Co2 in concrete and atmosphere

This prevents any rain damage allowing the primer to continue curing though it’s entire cycle 


MineralBond Top Coloured Finish coats

After the above Primer has cured, then MineralBond Top coloured coat is applied> application of 1-2 coats 2 coats is preferred

Apply 1st  coat direct from container using Roller brush or spray – allow a minimum of 16-24 hours - overnight  or longer is OK>

Then a second coat is applied all directly as above –


MineralBond’s Unique water-beading properties -- like the LOTUS Effect

MineralBond top coats also contain special Hydrophobic additives reacting with Co2 in the atmosphere that provide immediate water-beading properties, like the LOTUS Effect

Thus prevents any rain damage after 2 hrs. of initial curing again allows MineralBond to continue uninhibited curing throughout its cycle


 LOTUS Effect



MineralBond Top Coat Chemical resistance:

With special selection of chemical resistant extenders, silica glass, inert organic pigments in MineralBond’s chemical makeup this insures:-

And Provides resistance to the ingress of Chloride Irons, Sulphur, and acid rain


MineralBond Guaranteed Colour Fastness

MineralBond’s special inert organic colour pigments and chemical makeup offers outstanding concrete protection with exceptional proven long term performance

Provides colourfast properties over conventional or other Paints as outstanding.


MineralBond carries a 10 year materials Guarantee - Life of MineralBond coating is unparalleled:

MineralBond applied in Light tone or even dark colours offers architects, designers and their clients an unprecedented  life time coating> easily in excess of 25 years

This is supported due to MineralBond’s chemical makeup; has high vapour permeability, Chemical bonding to concrete substrates, it’s impossible to flake or peal

(as do normal conventional Acrylic Polymer and emulsion Paints or membranes) uses special organic Pigments and CoolPaint pigments when dark colours are specified.



Contains; Special colourfast Organic pigments,, Hydrophobic water-beading additives – provides a Lotus effect includes hydrophobic extenders; zinc stearate treated pigments

For additional water repellency,

Special Biocides combination with zinc oxide offers a synergistic effect for exceptional Long term Mould protection, with zinc oxide providing additional UV Protection,

organic inert natural silicate provides chemical bonding to concrete allows vapour permeability; moisture to migrate from concrete, including green concrete


MineralBond Toxicity:

MineralBond - totally none toxic, contains organic oxides, Tio2 pigments, inert pigments and mineral compound it’s binder a colloidal silica –which means the silica is amorphous, spherical in shape has no toxic or detrimental effects to the environment, includes diluted solutions in aquatic life situations




MineralBond Silicate paint has a micro-crystalline structure, which reflects light and heat. In hot climates this reflective property reduces the thermal stress on the structure and reduces the amount of cracking the concrete substrate would normally undergo.

LIGHT FASTNES Neither harsh climates or high UV radiation can alter the colour of MineralBond silicate paint and has already proven to provide extreme long life of buildings – MineralBond offers important economies over the long term of any project. Includes New concrete structures or old existing concrete buildings


MineralBond Silicate paints are harmless to the environment, consisting of natural mineral compounds including quartz, inorganic mineral colorants and liquid potassium silicate used as a binder. MineralBond Silicate paints represent a technology which has no detrimental effects on the environment in terms of manufacturing as well as in terms of application

ready-to-use mineral silicate paint system for use in sub-tropic/tropic conditions. It offers water repellency, high vapor permeability and forms a chemical bond with the substrate



In summary Silicate Paint have been around for over 100 Years, now with advancement of Technology, and with our inspired Technical background we can provide MineralBond coating that has achieved superior additional unsurpassed qualities, although our climate is not tropical; it’s performance and use in New Zealand is outstanding as NZ claims the highest UV compared to any other country,

                                                                              BRINGING TECHNOLOGY TO THE SURFACE



We trust this helps your evaluation on the choosing the correct system that will provide long term protection for your specific projects now and in the future.




Phil Bench – Technical Director  -- for Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd  -- Formulators of:-Better Chemistry