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Preparation for Painting Weatherboard

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Specification & Preparation:

This is the most important part of any painting system.  If the surface underneath breaks down, so will the new top coat.  If existing paint is in reasonable condition, cleaning and light sanding will still be necessary.


Apply a spray coat of chemical paint cleaner - for best results agitate chemical cleaner with a nylon nbrush.  This will loosen grease and grime.  Allow chemical cleaner to soak for 15 minutes, less if working in direct heat of the sun.  After agitation with nylon brush, clean down with high pressure hose - if available, use waterblaster.  A light sanding of all paint areas will still be necessary.

Where paint is loose and flaking, all such areas must be totally removed using a high pressure waterblaster, machine sander or grinder.  Autogard Paint Stripper can also be used to totally strip old paint.  If paint stripper is used, clean down areas with a strong water and detergent mix and use a nylon brush, etc.  Hose off to leave a clean surface.

Where edges are left after grinding or waterblasting, they should be feathered back using sandpaper or machine sander to a smooth level finish.  Other good painted surfaces should be sanded down lightly all over.


This preparation will guarantee good adhesion.  Allow all surfaces to dry out before any paint is applied.


After all preparation and the surface is dry, immediately apply MULTISEAL alkyd wood primer to all bare timber areas (do not leave unprimed wood exposed to the sun after preparation or paint will immediately lift and peel off again - this applies after waterblasting also)

After preparation is complete, choose the specification sheet referring to the finish coating system required.

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