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Armepoxy Freezer Floors

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The concrete floor slab must be free of ice.  Clean up any areas contaminated with fat, grease etc., with Chemclean Concrete Degreaser, use a steam cleaner or hot water-blast clean.  Some areas may require several applications to achieve a grease and oil free surface.

Acid Etch:

Acid Etch all concrete even if it is new or old,  Mix 2 parts water with 1 part Hydrocloric Acid} Use Goggles and gloves.  Then apply using a plastic watering can, walking backward completely flooding total area, (do not sweep dormant acid).  Allow 10 minutes then hose out and waterblast clean.  Allow to completely dry.

Alternative Diamond Grind or captive shot blast concrete.


Wet vacuum all concrete to assist with drying use industrial heater to completely dry concrete.

Apply 1 coat of Optiseal A & B at the rate of 2-5 m² per litre dependent on surface over prepared surface.  Allow 3-6 hours to cure.

Allow Optiseal (sealer coat) to cure and fill any defects in the concrete substrate with Epoxyflex jointing System, allow 2-8 hours to cure.

Apply 2 coats of Armepoxy at the rate of 6m² per litre - per coat.


It is essential to use a industrial heating system during the application of the above products to ensure complete curing of each application. Temperature should be above 5°C during application.  Before exposing Armepoxy to operating temperature (below -30°C), it is essential that the product is completely cured.  Ensure adequate curing times are allowed between each application.

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