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Armepoxy Over Existing Concrete Floors

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All paint, oil, loose flakey paint, etc., must be removed (oil can penetrate concrete up to a depth of 10 mm and will inhibit adhesion).

Apply Chemclean Metasilicate Alkali Cleaner).  Allow to penetrate.  Remove utilising high pressure hot waterblaster or use a steamcleaner first with additional steamcleaning detergents added to water, as per specification.  It may be neccessary to steam clean 2 or 3 times giving special attention to heavy deposits of oil.  (Do not attempt to apply any Armepoxy or coatings if oil remains.)

Etching Concrete:

All concrete must be Acid Etched.  Old concrete, or even new must be etched to remove the top layer of laitence (partially cured concrete brought to surface when floating off smooth).  This etching process opens the concrete for a porous surface to allow penetration of Epoxy to ensure optimum adhesion.

Apply 1 coat using plastic watering can or spray pump, 2 parts water to 1 part Hydrochloric Acid or Phosphoric Acid Solution at the rate of 5m² per litre laying or spraying on surface.  Do not sweep around, as neutralised Acid will be ineffective.  Allow 10 minutes or when foaming reaction ceases, waterblast using 3000 psi pressure meticulously removing all loose sand, cement, etc.  allow floor to completely dry.


Using rollers or airless spray - apply 1 coat of Optiseal epoxy sealer, alternatively 1 coat of diluted Armepoxy (30-50% with Armepoxy Solvent), at 10 m² per litre approximate coverage to concrete.  Allow 2-4 hours dry time.

Apply 2 coats of Armepoxy in colour required with roller or airless spray at 6 m² per litre, per coat, with addition of PTFE Anti-skid if required.  Allow 8 hours between coats and no more than 48 hours should elapse between coats, otherwise chemical resistance of Armepoxy will have developed and consequently loss of adhesion may result.

If 48 hours has elapsed, then sanding and Solvent Etch process must be used.

Allow 8 hours for light traffic, or 48 hours for heavy traffic.

Warranty / Liability

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