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Chemclean Degreaser

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For Cleaning concrete, Aluminium etc.

Directions for Use:

For concrete Degreasing:

Dilute 2 parts Water }

1 Part Chemclean } by Volume

apply with a plastic watering can or use paint brush, allow 2 - 8 hours, agitate with nylon brush then water blast clean using 3000 PSI or steam clean, then Acid Etch concrete and water blast clean.

For aluminium Degreasing /

Galvanised Iron roofs:

Dilute 5 Parts Water }

1 Part chemclean } by volume

Apply with a plastic watering can or use paint brush, agitate with nylon brush, completely wash off within 5 - 10 minutes.


Do not allow chemclean to remain on aluminium for longer than 10 minutes.

Safety Directions:

Wear Suitable protective clothing.

Avoid contact with Skin and Eyes.  if skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly.  if in eyes, hold eyes open, flood with water for at least 15 minutes and see a doctor.  if swallowed, give plenty of water to drink.  do not inhale.

Keep out of reach of children.

Warranty / Liability

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd provides all the enclosed information in good faith but without warrantee and is to assist your application. However the use of this product being used is beyond their control. The manufacturers can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or failure arising from its application or use. It is totally the responsibility of the user to insure that the product is suitable for its intended use.