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Floorkote Application

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  1. Apply Acid Etch to concrete using plastic watering can, diluted 2 parts water then add 1 part Hydrochloric Acid.  Apply @ 5 m² per litre, completely flooding concrete - do Not sweep dormant Acid over any dry areas as this Acid will not work.  Allow 10 minutes for Acid to react.
  2. Using 3000 psi Waterblaster wash area to remove dormant Acid, then waterblast total area methodically cleaning each area correctly.  Allow to dry.
  3. Apply Epoxyflex, mixing 1 to 1 equal parts, to fill any damaged concrete.  Trowel out Epoxyflex, then splash water on surface to assist trowelling out to smooth finish.
  4. Apply 1 coat of Aquepoxy, mixing A & B together equal parts by volume.  Apply at 6 m² per litre 1 heavy coat with roller.  Allow to dry.
  5. Sieve Flake before use to take out fine dust particles of flake.  Use 3 mm sieve.
  6. Flake Application to vertical surfaces - apply second coat Aquepoxy to vertical surfaces first, then when wet immediately apply flake using cardboard to bounce flake into wet epoxy - completely obliterating the Aquapoxy with flake.  Sweep up suplus flake from flat areas.
  7. Flake Application to flat Surfaces - apply Aquepoxy to half a metre, then when wet immediately apply flake using cardboard - keep flake even, completely covering all wet epoxy.  Continue further application of Aquepoxy and repeat flake procedure until complete.  Using a garden sprayer - apply 1 light mist coat of water over flakes to assist them laying flat.  Allow 2-4 hours to dry, depending on weather conditions.
  8. Glazing Floorkote - When completely dry, use dustpan and nylon brush and sweep off all excess flakes and keep.  Using a pole sander with 60 grit sandpaper, very lightly sand total flat surface areas (not any vertical flaked areas), then sweep off dust and excess flake.
  9. Mix Ultraglaze  5 parts A to 1 part B, using new clean mohair roller and paint tray.  Apply 1 coat of glaze.  Apply further flake to any uneven areas, then immediately roll over with glaze laying down flakes - Do Not agitate flakes too long as they will soften.  Continue this procedure until all glazing is complete and all flakes are looking even.  Allow 2-4 hours to dry.  if Anti-skid is required, apply sparingly into first wet coat of Ultraglaze using plastic bottle with holes in lid, as per salt shaker.
  10. Apply second coat of Ultraglaze.  Allow to dry.
  11. Apply third coat of Ultraglaze.  allow 16 hours for light traffic, and 48 hours for heavy traffic.

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