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Floorseal C 250

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Floorseal C 250 provides an economical sealer for concrete floors for dustproofing substrates and will also increase the hardness of concrete surfaces.

An easy to apply Liquid Sealer that reacts chemically with Calcium Hydroxide in concrete to bind up and seal the surface producing a hard dust free finish.


Floorseal C 250 is ideal for use where an economical dustproof concrete surface is required and can be used on:

  • Factories, Storage Facilities and Warehouses.
  • Manufacturing and High Tech Assembly plants.
  • Storage Areas for Computers / Hospital Equipment etc.
  • On all Concrete areas where dust becomes a problem
  • For increasing Concrete strength on Car Parks / Airport Runways, or any Concrete substrate.

Surface Preparation:

All concrete should be cured for a minimum of 27 days.

Instructions for use:

Acid Etch and waterblast clean all concrete substrates.  remove all loose paint, grease, oil and grime etc.  Use Chemclean Degreaser then steam clean / or waterblast.  Allow to thoroughly dry or wet vacuum dry before any application.


Apply a minimum of two coats - allow 24 hours between coats

apply 1 coat of floorseal C 250 @ 5.5m2 per litre coverage, completely flooding surface.  use garden sprayer / plastic watering can or Special finishes Spray Systems to cover concrete, then use squeegee or soft nylon brush and spread out evenly over surface.  Allow to dry. (Prevent flooding / Ponding on un-even surfaces).  When dry, remove ponding by washing with clean water.  Apply second coat as above after 24 hours.

Technical Data:

Colour: Clear
Form Supplied: Waterbased Liquid
Specific Gravety: 1.0 kg / Litre
Freezing Point: 0'C

Minimum Application Temperature:

+ 5'C



Apply to 27 day cured Concrete only.

Coverage Rates:

5.5 m2 / per litre per coat.  Minimum of 2 coats required.  allow 24 hours between coats.

Dry time:

24 hours for light foot traffice.


Supplied 4 Litre, 20 Litre, 200 Litre non refundable containers.

Warning - Application Precautions:

Do not apply Floorseal C 250 to any of the following areas (total protection with plastic and plastic tape masking must not be used on these areas as stipulated):

  • All aluminium, including anodised (will etch surface)
  • Terracotta tiles (white stains will result)
  • Ceramic tiles (surface will be etched)
  • Glass (all glass will be etched by chemical reaction) - glass must be protected.
  • (Refer Special Finishes Ltd for protection procedures).

Health & Safety:

Wear protective overalls, gloves and goggles when spraying.

Eye Contact: Flush with copious amounts of water or dilte Boric acid Solution - Seek medical aid.

Skin contact: Wah thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Warranty / Liability

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd provides all the enclosed information in good faith but without warrantee and is to assist your application. However the use of this product being used is beyond their control. The manufacturers can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or failure arising from its application or use. It is totally the responsibility of the user to insure that the product is suitable for its intended use.