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Prepartion Existing Paint:

All exiting paint should be completely removed, use Paint Stripper then waterblast clean, shot blast or diamond grind to remove total paint.

Acid Etching:

new concrete / existing concrete should all be Acid Etched after all paint has been removed, apply one coat of Phosphoric Acid or Hydrocloric Acid, diluted two parts water then add one part acid, apply using a plastic watering can to all concrete completely flooding total area.  do Not sweep dormant acid around only apply flooding from a watering can.  once acid hits any concrete it immediately nuetralises and becomes dormant if swept it will not perform.  thoroughly waterblast total area, allow to completely dry.

Optiseal Sealer Coat:

Apply to dry concrete one coat of Optiseal A & B, mix equal parts (1 to 1) by volume, apply using a mohair roller, allow two - four hours to cure.

Filling and Repairing Damaged concrete, etc:

Only apply Epoxyflex Filling Compount to Optiseal surface, mix Epoxyflex A & B equal parts (1 to 1) by volume, trowel into all repairs, uneven areas, etc, use spray mist of water over surface to assist smoothing out Epoxyflex, this also prevents a tacky surface forming.  Allow eight hours to cure.

Expansion Joints and Crack Repairs:

All expansion joints and cracks must be completely cleaned out of all old material, then using an angle grinder with masonry blade, v-ee out all cracks, re-cut expansion joints to correct depth, v-ee all edges of expansion joints, insuring joints are clean and dry.  Apply one liberal coat of Optiseal A & B pushing well into the joints and cracks, allow 30 minutes then fix in the appropriate correct backing pad and fill all expansion joints to and cracks to the correct depth and thickness.  (Refer to expansion joints specification data sheet EXSSP1404).  Use Sikaflex 11FC or us Ultraflex, allow 8 - 24 hours to cure.

Armepoxy Application:

Apply one coat of Armepoxy mixed 3 parts "A" with 1 Part "B" by volume

Allow two minutes then thoroughly stir again then immediately apply one coat to total area.  use a mohair roller, insure Armepoxy is well rolled into concrete, allow 16 - 20 hours to cure.  If Armepoxy is left for longer than 20 hours between coats then total area of Armepoxy should be sanded and solvent etched before further application.

Second Coat of Armepoxy:

Apply a second coat of Armepoxy as above, allow 16 - 20 hours to cure.  (Do not exceed 16-20 hours between coats).  If unforeseen delays prevent re-coating within the above times then all Armepoxy areas should be sanded, remove dust, then solvent etch total Armepoxy area.  Reapply one coat of Armepoxy as above.

Protective Top Coat:

Apply two coats of Ultracoat UV Protective coating A & B mix equal parts (1 to 1) by volume, using a mohair roller and pole apply in two opposite dirrections then immediately lay off evenly in one direction using the weight of the roller only.  Lay off in backward strokes to insure an even finish, allow 20 hours to cure.  then apply the second coat of ultracoat as above within 16 - 20 hours (Do not exceed 20 hours between coats).  If unforeseen delays prevent re-coating within this time then re-apply one further coat of Ultracoat.

Allow a minimum of 48 hours - 7 days to cure before filling pool.

Warranty / Liability

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