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Unique 2 Pack Waterbased Clear For Anti Graffiti Protection


Graffiticlear is an exterior/interior Acrylic Urethane - 2 pack waterbased glaze system.  When crosslinked it achieves exceptional chemical resistance and is designed to facilitiate the removal of a wide range of graffiti typs using Special finishes' chemsolve cleaners.


  • Outstanding chemical resistance for graffiti removal
  • Exceptional toughness, flexibility and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent interior / exterior durability
  • Waterbased - environmentally friendly - no toxic solvent fumes
  • Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
  • Applied over existing paints without damage
  • High performance protective glaze over all types of systems; including Marblestone, Marbletex, Multifleck, Floorkote flooring, furniture, etc.

Cleaning Graffiticlear:

After being hit by graffiti: - Procedure: apply with roller, 1 coat of Chemsolve No.1 - agitate with nylon brush and immediately hose down and wash off with water or waterblast Chemsolve off.  Should Chemsolve No.1 not soften the graffiti, then use Chemsolve No.4, or then Chemsolve No.6 for very difficult types.


For graffiti protection over all types of substrates or paint finishes in building complexes, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, apartments, display boards - on all types of commercial building projects.


Clear finish - gloss, satin, or semi gloss.

Applied By:

Roller, brush, spray or airless.


For spraying, dilute with 20% clean water, for brush or roller, use as supplied (dilute if extreme hot conditions)


Apply 1 coat - allow only 10 minutes to tack off, then immediately apply second coat.


Once dry, it is extremely difficult to overcoat and may not have exceptional adhesion due to Graffiti resistant properties.  contact special finishes Ltd for recoat Instructions.

Pot Life:

4-8 hours, dependent on temperature.

Dry Times:

Touch Dry 20 minutes, recoat minimum 10 minutes
Through Dry 2 hours


Full Cure 7 days for maximum chemical resistance.

Health & Safety:

Keep skin clean, se Barrier Creams on hands before use.

Graffiticlear 'A' Waterbased (non-hazardous)
Graffiticlear 'B' Mixed, use with adequate ventilation.  When spraying in confined areas use approved respirator with organic vapour cartridge.


Warranty / Liability

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd provides all the enclosed information in good faith but without warrantee and is to assist your application. However the use of this product being used is beyond their control. The manufacturers can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or failure arising from its application or use. It is totally the responsibility of the user to insure that the product is suitable for its intended use.