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Marblestone is a simulated marble finish that can be used as a replacement for tiles, granite or marble, on exterior or interior of commercial buildings.  It can be sprayed or trowel applied over waterproof basecoats.  This unique silicate polymer allows for exceptional durability, weatherproofing, and long term protection of buildings. The decorative natural marble colour remains permanent.


Marblestone is a flexible silicate finish blended with granulated marble, granite and fine silicates suspended in pure acrylic silicate adhesive polymers; incorporating high loadings of mould inhibitors, biocides, to give long term protection against mould and algae; especially designed for hot tropical countries.


Marblestone is used to replace marble, granite and tiles on commercial buildings, exterior or interior.  Due to its permanent seamless bonding and adhesive qualities, Marblestone does not have the leaching and adhesion problems associated with tiles and marble.

this decorative protective coating is used on - Hotels, Motels, Shopping mall complexes, commercial Buildings, Housing Estates, Bungalows, Flats, Apartments, Factories, Homes, Schools, etc.


By Special Finishes' Licensed Applicators, using hopper guns, towel, roller or pump systems.


1½ - 2 litres per m² at 2mm texture.


All existing painted buildings must be waterblasted clean to remove all mould, loose flakey paint, etc.


New concrete and existing buildings: Apply 1 coat of Strongwall Sealer or Aquepoxy Sealer.  Apply 1 coat of Shieldtex High Build, colour as per Marblestone.  Allow to dry.  Then apply Marblestone to desired texture type.  To finish, apply 1-2 coats of Colourtrend Crystal Glaze.


in 20 litre pails.

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