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Prekote Multifleck

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Application Specifications:


  1. Apply to exterior Harditex, 1 coat of Solvent Sealer over total area of sheets to bind all lamination of cement, wood, pulp, together.
  2. Apply Flexicure Jointing System to all joints with polypropylene 75mm tape.  Flexicure must be applied in 3 coats to achieve a suitable flush joint.  All joints to be checked with straight edge and a coat of Flushing Paste should be applied if they are not level.  Texture must not be applied until all joints are approved.
  3. Apply 1 scattered coat of Prekote P50 Texture with Multibond Adhesive added.  Reduce air pressure, and spray second coat heavy relief to achieve texture type required.  allow 6 hours to dry.
  4. Apply 1 coat of Strongwall Sealer over total area with Paint Aid No.3 Roller.  Allow 2 hours to dry.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Multifleck Basecoat in correct colour - 2 hours between coats.  Using Paint Aid No.3 Roller, achieve a wet film build of 300 microns per coat.  3m² per litre coverage.
  6. Apply by pressure pot spray Multifleck colour system at 3m² per litre over total area, completely obliterating Basecoat.  Allow 24 hours to dry before the application of Glaze.
  7. Apply 2 coats of Ultraglaze Clear U.V. System.  Allow 4 hours between coats.  Apply at 6m² per litre per coat, achieving approximately 170 microns wet film build per coat.

Warranty / Liability

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