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Shieldtex Acrylic Hi build

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A thick Acrylic coating that provides a flexible membrane for most substrates.  Can be self textured by splattering.  Waterproof, abrasion resistant, and extremely durable; especially if finished with the recommended glaze coating which qualifies the product for Special Finishes 10 Year Guarantee.


Commercial Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Office Buildings, Government Offices, Domestic applications, including concrete walls and columns, beams, and block walls, fibre cement sheeting and other areas where a strong Elastomeric Coating is to be specified.


Extremely flexible, waterproof and abrasive resistant with a low dirt retention factor.  It is recommended that it be glazed for extended durability.  Glaze coats available in varying degrees of gloss.


Available in Low Sheen or Gloss Finish.  Dries with a low profile texture, depending on method of application - roller or spray.  Hi Build is often applied over gun textured Shieldpatch on concrete, block walls, or over the Special Finishes' Strongwall Insulated wall Cladding System.


White can be tinted to many of the BS 5252 range.  On some surfaces only light to medium colours are recommend.  Refer to Special Finishes, or your applicator when specifying.


Most surfaces require a sealer, and reference should be made to the data sheet covering sealers prior to specifying Hi Build Acrylic.  In many cases such as concrete blocks, Hi Build Acrylic can be applied as a 2 or 3 coat system directly, but better results particularly against water ingress will be made if Shieldtex Fibre-Filled Concrete Block Sealer is used first.

Technical Data:

Density 1.49 kg / litre
Viscosity (Brookfield RVT) 25,000 - 30,000 cPs
Non Volatile Content (Weight) 65 - 68 %


Product Details:

Hi Build Acrylic recommended coverage 2- 2.5 m² per litre
Film Build 200 microns on a smooth surface
Applied by Spray or roller
Thinning & Clean up Water
Drying Time 1 - 2 hours


Technical Service:

A free technical and advisory service is available form Special Finishes Limited, or your Applicator who can quote to apply the Special Finishes' Hi Build System.

Warranty / Liability

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd provides all the enclosed information in good faith but without warrantee and is to assist your application. However the use of this product being used is beyond their control. The manufacturers can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or failure arising from its application or use. It is totally the responsibility of the user to insure that the product is suitable for its intended use.