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For Vehicular Marine Use: On Boats, Catamarans, Yachts, Ships, Ferries etc.


Insure all aluminium has been degreased using Chemclean Degreaser diluted 10 parts water 1 part Chemclean.  Apply and agitate using nylon brush then wash down using clean water.


Important to sand all aluminium using P.B. 80 Grit sandpaper fixed on an Air Operated Orbital Sander.  Remove Dust.

Etch Priming:

Use Tetraprime White diluted (1 to1) equal parts with Tetrasolve Solvent.  Apply by spray or use Mohair type roller.  Allow 8 hours to cure.  Coverage approximately 12m2 per litre (Diluted).


Apply one coat of Basecolour using Pressure Pot spray system with air pressures at approximately 65-80 PSI and Fluid Pressure at 25-40 PSI or use Airless Spray Pump system.  Allow 2-4 hours to dry.  Coverage approimately 6m2 per litre.

Multifleck Applicatin Equipment:

Only use Pressure Pot Spray System with 1 mm Fluid Tip for fine to medium fleck size or 2mm for largeflck size (Do not use Airless Spray as Multifleck will be completely damaged).

Air Fluid Pressures:

They should be set at approximately 15-20 PSI for one metre Fluid hose or 20-30 PSI for 5-6 metre Fluid hose.

Multifleck Application:

Apply Multifleck using Pressure Pot Spray System only with Fluid pressures set at approximately 15-20 PSI then bring air pressure up to beyond spitting until Multifleck actually atomises with a good even spray pattern.  Spray all angles edges first including any intricate tricky areas.  Then spray all flat surfaces.  Keep spray gun direct not at an angle, at approximately 200-300 mm from substrate.  Apply Multifleck overapping each spray pass by 50% insuring all Basecolour has been completely obliterated (Basecolour should not grin through)

Multiclear Glaze:

Multiclear Glaze can be applied as supplied and allowed to air dry for a harder more durable chemical resistant finish.  Multiclear should be mixed with its crosslinking hardener Multiclear Part B.  Use between 2-4%.  Add to Multiclear Part A and immediately thoroughly mix together (if Part B is added without mixing, it will gel and go lumpy) add between 10-15% water for spraying.  Apply one light coat, allow 10 minutes to tack then immediately apply second coat.  Allow 2-6 hours dry time dependant on ambient temperature, (on tabletops, benchtops etc 4-5 coats may be required).  Recoating after 8 hours will require complete sanding due to chemical resistance of Multiclear.

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