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Sand all areas, with special attention to all corners and where grain has lifted.  Remove all dust, grease, grime, etc., before commencing.


  1. Don not use 2 pack wood sealers - Includes Urethanes or even Acid Catalysed Sealers.  These Sealers give unsatisfactory adhesion of subsequent coats due to their hardness and chemical resistance.  If they have been used then apply one coat of Multiseal.  Allow four hours to dry.
  2. Do not use automotive Polyester Fillers - These fillers tend to bleed through Multifleck top coats.  If they are used, then apply one coat of Multifleck to completely seal all filler and timber.  Allow fours hours to dry.

Sealer Coat:

Apply Multiseal thinned 20% with White Spirits at 8-10m2 / litre.  Clean up.  Allow to dry.  Lightly sand to provide a smooth surface.

Alternative: Use 1 coat of Tetraprime or NC Lacquer Wood Primer.  Primers Must be sanded and dust free.


All substrates must have correct colour Basecolour, applied through Pressure Pot unthinned, or use Airless Spray Units.  (Does not require sanding.)  Allow to dry.  Clean up using water.

Multifleck Application:

Apply Multifleck with a Pressure Pot System, using correct Multifleck spray gun.  it must be external mix, with 1mm fluid tip (available from Special Finishes Ltd).  For really large flecks, use 1.8 -2 mm fluid tip.

Multifleck will not spray through suction cup, gravity feed gun or airless spray units, as too high pressures are required and the Multifleck will shatter.


Fluid pressure will be subject to length of fluid line.

Example: - 1 metre fluid line will require fluid pressure of approximately 10 lbs pressure only.

Air Pressure must not exceed 40-50 lbs.  Best results are obtained around 10-25 lbs fluid, with 20-35 lbs air pressure.  (Above 4-50 lbs air pressures, complete obliteration of flecks will occure.)

All Multifleck on furniture corners, edges, and any difficult areas, i.e. underside edges, etc., before commencing with main flat substrates.  (If the edges are sprayed last, damage will occur to the existing sprayed large flat areas.)

Spray at the rate of 3m2 per litre, overlapping each spray pass at least 50%, fusing together, completely obliterating the Base coat (Base coat should not be grinning through).

Allow minimum of 12 hours at 20'C, before application of Solvent Glaze Coats.


All table and bar tops must be glazed using 2 pack Ultraclear 500 in Satin or Gloss Finish.  Apply Ultraclear to above using a Pressure Pot, using NO additional Solvent or keeping it to a minimum level - approximately 10%

Acrylic Clears:

Single pack can also be used on all types of furniture, but do not generally have sufficient hardness for any top surfaces.  (Contact Special Finishes for correct Solvents and Clears.)  Other areas could be left without glazing as Multifleck is very resilient, but allow at least 7 days cure time before any water contacts the substrate.

Caution should be taken with any harsh cleaning agents.  (Contact Special Finishes for correct advice on removal of any stains.)


All NBF 188/90 Multifleck applied to any National Bank furniture must be overcoated with 2 pack Ultraclear 500 Glaze System in Gloss (unless clear written specifications are received stating otherwise).

Warranty / Liability

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd provides all the enclosed information in good faith but without warrantee and is to assist your application. However the use of this product being used is beyond their control. The manufacturers can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or failure arising from its application or use. It is totally the responsibility of the user to insure that the product is suitable for its intended use.