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Various Substrates Using Correct Sealers

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Custom Wood:

Apply Multifleck Basecolour direct on to clean, new, sanded, dust free custom wood.  Apply 1 light coat and allow to dry.  Then apply second heavy coat.  Then apply Multifleck.

Polyester Fillers:

Do Not apply Multifleck Basecolour directly over any Automotive Polyester Fillers.  If Polyester Fillers are used apply Tetracure P10 Primer to prevent bleed through.

Pine, Plywood, Particle Board & Any Porous Timbers:

Always apply Tetracure P10 Primer if the above materials are used.  Always apply Multiseal Urethane Sealer.  Allow 6 Hours to dry, then apply 1 heavy coat of Basecolour, Then Multifleck.

Old Eisting Furniture, Painted or Varnished:

Sand all surfaces dust free and solvent wipe.  Apply 1 coat of Multiseal Urethane Sealer, Tetracure P10 or Multifleck Lacquer Primer.  Then apply 1 Baecolour coat.  Then Multifleck.

On Plastic & Formica:

Sand surface, dust down, solvent wipe using UC500 Reducer, apply 1 coat of Tetracoat Etch diluted 20% using UC500 Reducer.  Apply 1 heavy coat of Multifleck Basecolour, then 1 coat of Multiflcek.

Green New Concrete:

Apply 1 coat of Aquepoxy, and when dry 1 coat Multifleck Basecolour. Then apply Multifleck.

Existing Concrete, Fibre Cement Sheets:

Apply 1 coat of Strongwall Sealer, then 1 Basecolour coat and Multifleck.


Apply 1 coat of Multiseal Urethane Sealer.

Concrete Blockwork:

1 Coat of Strongwall Sealer, 2 coats of Multifleck Basecolour to weatherproof blocks, then apply Multifleck.

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