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Optiglo Application

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Ensure all substrates are clean before any application, remove all powdery concrete, efflorescence, oil, grease or loose paint.  apply Chemclean Degreaser - agitate using nylon brush, then wash or waterblast clean.  Allow to dry.

Sealer Coats:

Apply 1 - 2 coats of Sealer Basecolour dependant on substrate porosity.  Directly onto Concrete / Gibrock Gibboard and wood substrates.  Always apply Tetracure P10 Primer to any metal or aluminium surface, then apply 1 coat of Sealer Basecolour.  Allow to dry.

Optiglo Application:

Apply Optiglo using Pressure Pot Spray System @ 3 - 5 m2 per litre coverage, overlap each Spray Pass by 50% completely obliterating Basecolour.  Allow to dry.


Apply 3-6 Coats of Multiclear Glaze @ approximately 6m2 per litre coverage by Spray or Roller as required

Glaze Coats:

Quantity Recommendations

Wall Areas Apply 1 -2 coats Multiclear (A & B mixed) to all wall areas.
Furniture Apply 3 - 6 coats on all furniture using Spray Techniques, further coats of Multiclear may be required to obtain desired finish.
Flooring: Apply minimum of 3 coats and up to 4 coats is desirable for Heavy Traffic situations.  Multiclear A & B mix is adequate for Light Traffic use - domestic market etc.  For Heavy Traffic or commercial use, apply Solvent Based - Ultrathane MC or Ultraclear 500 A & B on interiors / use Ultraglze for Exterior applications.


Warranty / Liability

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