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Ultrathane M.C.

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Ultrathan M.C. is a moisture cured interior clear coating designed to overcoat all types of wood finishes, including particle board, cork tiles, pine floors, etc.  Clear films are tough, resilient and have exceptional abrasion resistance.


Ultrathane M.C. system provides a very hard durable finish with high resistance to a wide range of chemicals, and are particularly suited to coat over interior particle board flooring, cork tiles, pine floors, interior seamless flake flooring, table tops, etc. - used on shools, gymnasiums, shops, shopping malls, houses, commercial and industrial buildings.


  1. all particle floors, cork tiles, pine floors - should be sanded to smooth clear finish.
  2. Vacuum total areas, removing all dust, etc. before application.


First coat - dilute 30% Ultrathane M.C. Solvent - add to roller tray.  Apply 1 coat using Mohair roller sleeve.  Allow 1-2 hours to dry.

Apply 2-3 even coats as supplied, sanding between coats only if desired.  always vacuum safter sanding.  Allow 3-4 hours between coats.

(Keep original container sealed.  Only add sufficient material to tray that will be used.  Do Not allow moisture or return material to container as it could cure remaining contents.)

Coverage Rate:

6m2 per litre per coat - minimum 3 coats recommended.

Dry times:

Allow a minimum of 8 hours before light traffic - 36 hours for heavy traffic.


Gloss only.

Shelf Life:

12 Months unopened.  After opening, limited - dependent on moisture content in atmosphere.

Clean Up:

Ultrathane solvent or Brushwash.

Handling Precautions:

Solvent and resin fumes can be harmful and can contaminate foodstuffs.  Provide and wear suitable respirator and protective clothing when applying in confined areas.


Provide adequate ventilation at all times.  contains Isocyanates.


24'C contents flammable

N.Z. Dangerous Goods Class:

3B, UN No. 1263

Minimum Application Temperature:


Pot Life:

25'C 50% relative hunidity - 2 hours.

Warranty / Liability

Special Finishes (NZ) Ltd provides all the enclosed information in good faith but without warrantee and is to assist your application. However the use of this product being used is beyond their control. The manufacturers can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any damage or failure arising from its application or use. It is totally the responsibility of the user to insure that the product is suitable for its intended use.