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Apply a liberal coat of Chemocide Tile Cleaner (diluted equal parts with clean water) to kill mould spores.

Heavy mould areas may need an additional saturation to ensure the mould growth is completely meutralised.  Allow a minimum of 4 hours before water-blasting takes place.  If more time is available, the Chemocide treatment will assist the cleaning process when applied up to 7 days prior to water blasting.

Painting Ridges and Hip Cappings:

Remove any loose plaster pointing from ridge and hip cappings and prime area to be replastered with REsin 50.  Apply Shieldpatch Cement Compound mied with Resin 50 (4 litres Resin 50 to 1 bag of Shieldpatch Cement Compound).

Paint System:

Apply 1 coat of Fibreseal Concentrate Sealer (diluted equal parts with clean water) at the rate of 5m2 per litre.  Airless spray applied.

Finishing Coats:

System 1: Colourtrend Acrylic Roof Gloss

Apply 2 coats of Acrylic Roof Gloss at the rate of 6m2 per litre, per coat.

System 2: Colourtrend Elastomeric Membrane

Apply 2 coats of Colourtrend Elastomeric Membrane at the rate of 4m2 per litre, per coat.


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