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Metaltech has outstanding rust inhibiting features.  its extensive use and ouside exposure over 5 years corrosion study on steel structures and bridges, has proven to be superior in inhibiting rust.

metaltech undergoes hydrolysis when solubilised, forming hydroxyl ions capable of neutralising acids.  Acids may migrate into the paint film, or they may be formed there as a result of binder degradation.  In addition the Metaltech borate ion affords anodic protection by reacting with the metal surface to form a protective film.

Finally, metaltech barium ions are capable of reacting with sulphate ions to form insoluble barium sulphate.  sulphate ions promote corrosion, and by metaltech's unique reaction it prevents further corrosion, providing years of protection even under adverse conditions.

As a result of both accelerated lab tests and 5 years outside exposure, Metaltech is now being specified for corrosion protection on all types of steel work, bridges, roofs, and automotive industry etc.

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