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Swimming Pool Coating Existing Marble Plastered Pools

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Acid Etch total area, use a 20 litre pail: Add water 15 litres, add Hydrocloric Acid 2.5 litres Mix.

Apply using a plastic watering can, apply evenly to total area (do not broom acid around), allow 10 minutes then wash down and waterblast total area clean.  Allow to completely dry before any application of coating.

Sealer Coat:

Mix Optiseal into a 10 or 20 litre pail.  Mix equal parts 1 to 1 by volume: Mix 5 litres Part A with 5 litres Part B by volume.  Apply using a roller, thoroughly wetting total marble plaster, allow 2-4 hours to cure.

Intermediate Coat:

Add Armepoxy A & B into a 10 Litre clean pail: Mix 3 parts Armepoxy 'A' with 1 part Armepoxy 'B' by volume.

(Please do not mix Armepoxy in the original 4 litre tins as adequate mixing will not be achieved.)  Apply one coat of Armepoxy to total area using a mohair roller.  Allow 8-20 hours to cure, do not exceed 20 hours before re-coating in hot conditions.  If this cure time is exceeded due to rain then the Armepoy will require pole sanding with 80 -120 grit sandpaper before further application as Armepoxy becomes very chemical resistant after 24 hours.

Top Finish Coats:

Mix Ultracoat in desired colour, equal parts (1 to 1) by volume, apply 1-2 coats using a mohair roller and pole, roll out in two directions then lay off downwards with the weight of roller only, overlap each pass maintaining a wet edge.  Allow 4-8 hours between coats.  Do not exceed overcoat times as adhesion could be impaired.

Always refer to Special Finishes if unsure or on unfamiliar substrate types before commencing.

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