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Uniseal is an Acrylic Sealer Undercoat especially formulated for use by Qualified Tradesmen with excellent durability, opacity, and self-leveling.  Available in white, but can be tinted on request.



As a Sealer for Uniseal or other modified cements, bricks, cement plaster, concrete blocks, fibre cement sheeting, and as an Undercoat on exterior primed timber.  For interior use as a Sealer Undercoat on

Gib-board, insulation board, plaster, along with sealing Spraytex and all types of existing Textured Ceilings.



On concrete in hot tropical climates, dilute first coat using 50% clean water - to ensure

penetration adhesion.

Other areas we recommend the application of 1 coat followed by the finishing coats. 

Apply by brush, roller, conventional or airless spray.  Ready for general use - reduce with water to spray (approximately 15% with water).


DRY TIME @ 15ºC:

Touch Dry -    15 minutes - 1 hour                Recoat -        3-4 hours

(Temperature must be above 10ºC during application and dry time.)



2-4 m² per litre over Uniseal, Stucco, etc.                                                                

6-10 m² per litre per coat, depending on surface porosity over other substrates


PACKAGING:     4 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre pails


CLEAN UP:  Water